Monday, March 2, 2009

Boldly Going...

Yes! It's true! A confirmed rumor that the Star Trek Experience will be re-opening in a new location off the Las Vegas Strip! I'm so excited, I haven't been able to think of anything else since Friday when I heard.

The Details:

The new location will be near the Fremont Street Experience, so somewhere north of the Stratosphere. It will be open (partially) in time for this year's Convention in August. They plan to have the restaurant and retail shops open. They are moving the museum artifacts, but they may not be in place by then. CBS/Paramount will either updating the rides or creating new ones, not sure yet, and they are slated to be fully operational in 2010. My guess would be in time for next year's Star Trek Con.

So when will I be going?! I've thought and planned (while maniacly rubbing my hands together) and decided on Star Trek Con 2012. Yes, I will need 3 years to save because this time I'm doing it all! Blaise will be graduating from high school that year, and Max should be just about finished with his Bachelor's if all continues on schedule. My plan is to be there for the entire Convention and maybe a few days on either side for other Vegas fun.

So there it is... I'm a happy Klingon again :)

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