Friday, August 26, 2011

Where did August go?

Okay, so since I last posted, I exercised the next week.  Took a week off to take my son to Alabama to move in for the semester - he's off campus this year (say prayers for good decisions and wisdom). Exercised the week after.  Then school started this Monday, so I couldn't get into the groove - too stressed about being on time and starting classes.  Now Hurricane Irene is on it's way, and I'm anticipating a power outage.  Maybe September will be better.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Foodie: Lies Your Govt Tells You

In my continuing research for what is truly healthful for the body and doesn't put unnecessary stressors on the organs and cells to receive their nutrition, I have run across Fat Head and this article from Lew Rockwell.  Amazingly enough, I hadn't actually been trying to put this all together, it just all happened to fall right in my lap and what astonished me was how similar this two sources were.  Paired with what I know already, I just thought that I would share the info with you.

I really can't do either of them justice with a summary.  If you're low on time, start with the article, then plan an evening to watch Fat Head, the documentary rebuttal to Supersize Me.  The importance of this film is not that Naughton proves you can lose weight on fast food.  I am not a proponent of fast food and rarely ever eat it.  Part 2 of the documentary discusses how and why our government (FDA) lies to us about what we should be eating, the destruction of pertinent research, and how to get off your current medications if you have diabetes or cholesterol issues.

Just because a doctor has a doctorate doesn't mean he shouldn't be questioned.  It is your body and the quality of your life is at stake.  I'm not accusing doctors of purposefully lying to you and steering you in the wrong direction; I'm just saying that important information has been covered up so others can make money.  That means that medical residents are being taught the information the FDA and pharmaceutical companies want them to have.

Read and see for yourself - have an open mind.  It can be difficult to believe that these things can happen, but the powers that be no longer care about the common people - just take a look at what's happening in Washington right now. 

Fat Head is available on DVD and streaming from Netflix.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday - Small Victories

Here's my happy feet in my new shoes:

I'm so excited - I can't wait till I have money and can get more :)  I weighed myself at Mom's again and her scale said 186.  So maybe a 1 lb. muscle gain from bootcamp?

I've been doing Zumba and will probably do some circuit training next week to mix it up some.  I've been trying to limit my carbs to about 100 grams a day - not too horribly hard since I've mostly been craving proteins anyway.  Not too much to report this week.  I don't want to be taking my measurements every week since there wouldn't be much change - I like surprising myself with big numbers.  So here's me in my dress at the wedding - an outdoor wedding during a heatwave.

Oh yes, one more small victory - I can wrap a 48" towel around myself and it closes completely from the bust to the hip.  Still have a small open triangle at the upper thigh, but I've gotten away from the Super Sized towels I needed to cover me :)

Oh P.S. Big shout out Happy Birthday to Mom today!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday - Shake It!

Shush already!  I know it's not Wednesday - just pretend.  So when I left Bootcamp last Friday, I stepped on the scale and it said 188.4.  Either Mom's scale is wrong, or I gained 3 lbs of muscle in 3 weeks.  Let's go with 3 lbs of muscle.  My measurements were as follows:

Bust: 43"                0"
Waist: 39"             -1"
Hips: 47"               -.25"
Arms: 14.25"         -.5"

Compared with the last set of measurements:
Start:                                      6/20:                                       Change:
Bust 43.5"                              43"                                              - .5"
Waist 41.5"                            40"                                              -1.5"
Hips 49"                                 47.25                                           -1.75"
Arm 15"                                 14.75                                           - .25"

Not bad for 3 weeks, especially with all that large muscle group work.  This week I've gone back to my DVD/TV routines, since now I have to kick my own butt.  My beautiful, gorgeous, skinny but also had 4 kids sister is a Zumba instructor.  She lives 3000 miles away, or else I would let her kick my butt (only for exercise reasons!).  But she was kind of enough to hook me up with some DVDs.  Zumba's been kicking my butt this week!  I just want to say that if you do 50 minutes of Zumba 5 days a week, you will lose inches - it just melts away.  If you don't know what it is, it's basically Latin dancing - salsa, meringue, some hip hop, all set to routines.  If you shake your butt while you are doing all this jumping around, you can actually feel your waist getting smaller.

These are my measurements this morning:
Bust: 42"                -1"
Waist: 38"              -1"
Hips: 46"                -1"
Arms: 13.75"         -.5"
I'm not kidding!!!!  The bootcamp measurements were taken Friday.  I took these this morning - I haven't done today's Zumba yet!  But I will in 10 minutes when I finish.

Small Victory:  I loved stilettos as a teen.  I used to vacuum the house in them - I wore them everywhere.  I haven't been able to wear any skinny heel for 15 years - even if it was only 1.5".  I've been stuck with flats, until the Wedge Revolution happened a couple of years ago.  Thank goodness for the 70s - wedges and platforms have given me the illusion that I was in heels for last 3 years.

Over the weekend, hubby wanted to go to Steinmart to buy a dress shirt for a wedding we are going to on Saturday.  I saw these shoes and I've been dying to try on a pair in this style for about a year, but could never get up the nerve.  I mean what's the point, I'll love how they look and then I'll break my ankle 45 seconds later.

Yep, Fergalicious!  I tried them on anyway.  They felt great and I COULD WALK in them without any problem!  I pranced around the store for 5 minutes without incident.  I couldn't believe it.  I can usually tell in less than 30 seconds that a heel is too narrow or too high to support my weight.  I was practically in tears!  I didn't buy them - not enough money on hand.  Maybe it was fluke.  So I went to RackRoom yesterday for Test 2.  I tried these on:

They had music on in the store - I danced inconspicuously between aisles for 5 minutes, then walked around for another 10.  No problems!  My high, narrow heel wearing days are back!  I am SOOOOO excited!  Thank you Bootcamp!  Thank you Zumba!  You are making my dreams come true!  After Saturday's wedding, I'll post a picture of me in the heels I bought for myself (neither of these).  Well, gotta go - Beto and his Calypso beat are calling me :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday - Boot Camp Week 2 & 3

Okay, well I took last week off from blogging, but I did have an abbreviated Boot Camp.  They gave us Monday off for the holiday and boy, did I need it!  The 3 days off gave me time to languish in my pain and heal up a bit.  Once we started up again, I was still very sore after the workouts but I felt like my endurance was improving.

So far this week, we've been concentrating on heavy lifting and large muscle groups, so my knee is whacked again, but there's only 2 more days and I can consider myself a survivor.  I definitely feel muscle building, but I don't feel any inch loss - we'll see when I measure next week.  I like the idea of the Boot Camp.  I may do it again in the winter after I've had a chance to whittle away at the fat more.  I definitely don't want to build everything I have into muscle - need to lose more inches first.

Still disliking the skinny people there, but I feel progress is being made, so giving myself a pat on the lats for not ending up flat on the floor :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

I Feel Amazing!

I did it!  I made it through a whole week of bootcamp.  It was REALLY hard and I even thought about skipping out of it one night.  I was really sore all week.  Now after day 5 is complete, I'm not nearly as sore.  I still can't complete each exercise repetitions until the end, but I didn't collapse and I pushed myself to my limit. 

I feel great!  I've been getting amazing sleep and waking up fully refreshed an hour earlier than usual.  My food cravings are regulating what I eat and I'm finding that it's working.  I've been craving proteins and fruits on a more consistent basis.  I am eating carbs, but they are portion controlled.  I don't feel stuffed or sluggish.

My summer Latin and Chemistry classes are finished also.  And I managed to get the final grading done right away, so I feel mentally relieved as well.  I have so many summer projects I want to get to - a teacher's manual for Latin that I'm writing for homeschoolers, lesson planning for the new school year, sewing projects for my shop, and lots of fact finding for the American History class I'm teaching this Fall.

I'm ready to take it all on - I feel good mentally and physically.  Next weekend, I'm taking my boys on vacation to the annual sci-fi convention - so psyched!  Feeling good feels good :)  Still busier than I should be, but I feel like I'm taking care of me.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday - Boot Camp Week 1

I'm broken.  I'm writing as I'm getting to go in for day 3 of 5 this week and I'm already broken.  I shudder to think what would've happened to me if I hadn't started working out a month ago!  Most of the people doing this have done it many times and are within their correct body weight ranges, which of course, makes me feel horribly inferior.  They are sweating and puffing as much as I am - the difference is that they are completing each set of exercises.  I'm not.  I would be in the hospital if I tried to keep up.  What have they done to me so far?

Day 1 Strength
5 Stations - 5 minutes each, 3 exercises each, 50 reps each exercise.
So this was not on machines, but rather these hideous moves like Mountain Climbers and Burpees, planks and sprints, and all sorts of jumping around and using things like kettle bells and rubber tubes.
Very sweaty and not so bad until I woke up the next morning and couldn't move well.

Day 2 Conditioning
6 Stations - 2 exercises each, 45 seconds spent on each one - twice
This was supposed to be the light day, I was told.  Bah!  Jumping jacks, push ups, reverse lifts and lunges, etc.  More sweat and a quickly deteriorating knee last night.  I think I've already made the decision to not go to Thursday's class, because I'm worried about my knee.  We'll see how I feel after Day 3's workout.

Day 3 Strength
6 stations - 1 exercise, 50 seconds, 10 second rest to move to the next station - 4 rounds
Oh sweet blessed relief!  It was arms day!  Okay, yes I still sweat like a pig, and was shaking from the effort; but at least my knee was spared.  We did rows, lifts, plank rows, and other nifty things involving weights and bands.  I was silently cursing - others were grunting out loud with each exertion.  Sweat was flying everywhere - quite nasty if you ask me.  BUT, I did it!  And since my knee got a reprieve, I will go tomorrow night.

P.S. They have a scale there.  I didn't get on it - I'm a little frightened.  Maybe I'll do it next week.  Blaise says I look like I should be losing 1 pound a day from all the sweat that comes off me.  Wouldn't that be nice?

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