Monday, July 6, 2009

For Homeschoolers in Richmond VA

Summer is almost half over and most of the curriculum sales are finished. As I am getting my lesson plans together for the Fall, I wanted to give RES and myself a little plug. If you haven't made all your plans for the upcoming school year, then check out Richmond Enrichment Studio. Going on it's 3rd year, there are lots of great classes coming up.

This year, the new High School Academic Core Track will be starting and I'm very excited about it. This is great if you feel deficient in one or more subjects and need someone else to handle the tough subjects for you. If you haven't homeschooled through high school before, this is a great option to ease into it without wrestling over the decision to keep them at home or send them to public school.

Since the program is new, you will find some Level 1 offerings of classes and may be hesitant to enroll your student. Be assured that Level 2 classes will be added in subsequent years as the program continues to grow.

The classes I'll be teaching:
English Grammar & Composition for 9th/10th graders (there is a companion Literature class being taught by Joyce Rodgers for a TOTAL Language Arts program)
Latin I - I'll teaching from an immersion style for translation and we will be learning what daily living consisted of in the Roman Empire
PreAlgebra I, Algebra I, and Geometry - All using Math U See
Family & Consumer Science - we'll be learning how to live - how to apply for a job, resumes, buying a car, rental agreements, cooking, sewing, decorating, caring for yourself and clothing, caring for young children

Beginning Latin - for Elementary students, a great way for your child to learn grammar and word roots through Latin vocabulary
Intermediate Math - fractions, division, decimals, getting ready for PreAlgebra I

Classes are small, so register now to save your child's spot. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about classes I'm teaching.

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