Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday - Shake It!

Shush already!  I know it's not Wednesday - just pretend.  So when I left Bootcamp last Friday, I stepped on the scale and it said 188.4.  Either Mom's scale is wrong, or I gained 3 lbs of muscle in 3 weeks.  Let's go with 3 lbs of muscle.  My measurements were as follows:

Bust: 43"                0"
Waist: 39"             -1"
Hips: 47"               -.25"
Arms: 14.25"         -.5"

Compared with the last set of measurements:
Start:                                      6/20:                                       Change:
Bust 43.5"                              43"                                              - .5"
Waist 41.5"                            40"                                              -1.5"
Hips 49"                                 47.25                                           -1.75"
Arm 15"                                 14.75                                           - .25"

Not bad for 3 weeks, especially with all that large muscle group work.  This week I've gone back to my DVD/TV routines, since now I have to kick my own butt.  My beautiful, gorgeous, skinny but also had 4 kids sister is a Zumba instructor.  She lives 3000 miles away, or else I would let her kick my butt (only for exercise reasons!).  But she was kind of enough to hook me up with some DVDs.  Zumba's been kicking my butt this week!  I just want to say that if you do 50 minutes of Zumba 5 days a week, you will lose inches - it just melts away.  If you don't know what it is, it's basically Latin dancing - salsa, meringue, some hip hop, all set to routines.  If you shake your butt while you are doing all this jumping around, you can actually feel your waist getting smaller.

These are my measurements this morning:
Bust: 42"                -1"
Waist: 38"              -1"
Hips: 46"                -1"
Arms: 13.75"         -.5"
I'm not kidding!!!!  The bootcamp measurements were taken Friday.  I took these this morning - I haven't done today's Zumba yet!  But I will in 10 minutes when I finish.

Small Victory:  I loved stilettos as a teen.  I used to vacuum the house in them - I wore them everywhere.  I haven't been able to wear any skinny heel for 15 years - even if it was only 1.5".  I've been stuck with flats, until the Wedge Revolution happened a couple of years ago.  Thank goodness for the 70s - wedges and platforms have given me the illusion that I was in heels for last 3 years.

Over the weekend, hubby wanted to go to Steinmart to buy a dress shirt for a wedding we are going to on Saturday.  I saw these shoes and I've been dying to try on a pair in this style for about a year, but could never get up the nerve.  I mean what's the point, I'll love how they look and then I'll break my ankle 45 seconds later.

Yep, Fergalicious!  I tried them on anyway.  They felt great and I COULD WALK in them without any problem!  I pranced around the store for 5 minutes without incident.  I couldn't believe it.  I can usually tell in less than 30 seconds that a heel is too narrow or too high to support my weight.  I was practically in tears!  I didn't buy them - not enough money on hand.  Maybe it was fluke.  So I went to RackRoom yesterday for Test 2.  I tried these on:

They had music on in the store - I danced inconspicuously between aisles for 5 minutes, then walked around for another 10.  No problems!  My high, narrow heel wearing days are back!  I am SOOOOO excited!  Thank you Bootcamp!  Thank you Zumba!  You are making my dreams come true!  After Saturday's wedding, I'll post a picture of me in the heels I bought for myself (neither of these).  Well, gotta go - Beto and his Calypso beat are calling me :)

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