Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Foodie: Lies Your Govt Tells You

In my continuing research for what is truly healthful for the body and doesn't put unnecessary stressors on the organs and cells to receive their nutrition, I have run across Fat Head and this article from Lew Rockwell.  Amazingly enough, I hadn't actually been trying to put this all together, it just all happened to fall right in my lap and what astonished me was how similar this two sources were.  Paired with what I know already, I just thought that I would share the info with you.

I really can't do either of them justice with a summary.  If you're low on time, start with the article, then plan an evening to watch Fat Head, the documentary rebuttal to Supersize Me.  The importance of this film is not that Naughton proves you can lose weight on fast food.  I am not a proponent of fast food and rarely ever eat it.  Part 2 of the documentary discusses how and why our government (FDA) lies to us about what we should be eating, the destruction of pertinent research, and how to get off your current medications if you have diabetes or cholesterol issues.

Just because a doctor has a doctorate doesn't mean he shouldn't be questioned.  It is your body and the quality of your life is at stake.  I'm not accusing doctors of purposefully lying to you and steering you in the wrong direction; I'm just saying that important information has been covered up so others can make money.  That means that medical residents are being taught the information the FDA and pharmaceutical companies want them to have.

Read and see for yourself - have an open mind.  It can be difficult to believe that these things can happen, but the powers that be no longer care about the common people - just take a look at what's happening in Washington right now. 

Fat Head is available on DVD and streaming from Netflix.

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